We work with the highest quality materials that allow us to make our lamps by hand innovating shapes and processes.

We decontextualize materials such as metal mesh, wood or glass and by applying artisanal techniques, we transform them, fold them and bend them until we obtain warm, delicate and vivid shapes that allow us to produce unique design lamps.

Painted stainless steel mesh


The stainless steel mesh is a cold industrial material that Arturo Álvarez, through manual techniques converted into lamps. The physical characteristics of these materials allows through methods developed by Arturo Álvarez, they can be folded, molded and cut resulting in creative freedom designs. The paint finish adds to this resistant and compact material a greater durability and facilitates its maintenance and cleaning.


Colors & codes: White (B), beige (BE), grey (G), taupe (T).
Collections: Africa, Ballet, Coral, Cors, Gea, Kala, Luisa, Mytilus, Nevo, Onn, Tati, Tempo. Collection Mytilus only available in white.

Pressed cellulose


The pressed cellulose, through a suitable refining process, is a highly flexible and moldable material. Resistant and high durable, it comes in a wide range of colors. Due to its physical characteristics it is not recommended to wet the material.


Colors & codes: White (42), grey (43), red (46), brown (47), gold yellow (48), medium brown (49), beige (50), green (51), blue (52).
Collections: Li.

Painted stainless steel thread


The stainless steel thread interlaced and embroidered on itself, creates random, light, seemingly fragile volumes, but durable thanks to the sturdiness that paint finish brings.


Colors & codes: White (B).
Collections: Blum, Pili.

Galvanized steel mesh


The application of galvanized steel mesh is another example of a different use of the material. The malleability of this material and its hollow light allows it, through painting processes, to become a material with a delicate appearance but of high quality and durability.


Colors & codes: White (B).
Collections: Fluo.



Our semi-handmade glass presents irregular watermarks that gives personality to this material. This opalescent glass comes in a wide range of bright colors.


Colors & codes: White (02), sand (87), dark amber (89), brown (90), beige (95).
Collections: Curvas, Vento.

Cellulose cord


The pressed cellulose cord is a pleasant texture material and has a wide range of colors. This medium flammability component is obtained from pressed cellulose and is molded using its own techniques. Due to its physical characteristics it is not recommended to wet the material for cleaning.


Colors & codes: White (42), grey (43), red (46), brown (47), gold yellow (48), medium brown (49), beige (50), green (51), blue (52).
Collections: Arc, Caos.

Birch wood


A material of high durability and easy maintenance. The birch wood is characterized by its light color and low contrast, allowing easy manual processing. The light that escapes between the wooden slats turns this material into a warm and elegant wood.


Collections: Woods.

Ash wood


Ash wood is a polyvalent and especially flexible. Its resistance make it a high quality material that, through manual processes, allows curved and durable finishes.


Collections: Aimei.



Through plastic injection technology, this material is consistently made and is available in two colors. The personalized shape of each piece allows the realization of luminaires of large dimensions and easy maintenance.


Colors & codes: White (B), black (N).
Collections: V.

Beech wood


Beech wood is hard and characteristic for its clear and natural shades. This material is easy to work with and the varnishing makes it a very durable and easy to maintain material.


Collections: Cambo.

Hand-crafted glass


Our hand-crafted glass is a material that is obtained through different manual techniques, including blowing and lamination. The surface finish is done manually by using very fine sand, avoiding the use of chemical agents.


Colors & codes: Yellow (19), white (25).

Collections: Era.



Galician granite is a natural and sustainable material that is easy to maintain. With a light greyish tone, fine-grained and with black speckles, this material used in Parga is compact and comes from discards. Granite is a material that is highly resistant to heat and wear.


Collections: Parga.

3D Knit


The 3D knit allows us to generate volumes and produce our lampshade without waste of material and without seams. It can be made with 100% recyclable materials.


Colors & codes: Beige (BG), electric blue(AE), orange (NA).


Collections: Cabana.

Triple Opal Glass


Opal glass is a semi-transparent glass which, thanks to its triple layer, offers superior quality. It is a versatile material that, thanks to its opal coating, can diffuse light. Easy cleaning with a soft, dry cloth.


Colors & codes: White (B).
Collections: Bold.