Our history

The brand was born in Galicia (Northwestern Spain) in 1994 with Arturo Álvarez as its owner and founder. For 25 years, he led the project and turned the brand into a referent in decorative lighting at an international level with his designs, currently present in over 80 countries.

Motivated by exclusively focusing on his most artistic side, in 2020 he handed the baton over to the current owners, Marcos Rioseco (CEO) and Miguel Martínez (Sales Manager) so they can continue his legacy with the knowledge obtained from their long trajectory with the company. This way, they can preserve the traditional know-how of a full hand production to keep creating unique and emblematic designs.


Present and future

Under the motto evo-lution, we embark on a new stage where we expand our creative team, finding room for different designers with very diverse sensitivities in a co-creation space where the two pillars of the company are immutable: handcrafted production and “emotional light”.

Known as a by arturo alvarez, this new journey makes way for a new brand name. What always was our slogan and philosophy has now become name of the company: a-emotional light.

For things
to remain
the same,
must change.

Master craftsmanship and emotional light will undoubtedly continue to be our main pillars.

Marcos Rioseco

In this new stage, we want to become a space of reference where designers feel free to create, being able to develop products that are completely handmade. We want them to embed themselves of our traditional know-how while we embed ourselves of their different ways of understanding design.

We would like to continue making the public “feel”, move them with our designs, and let them experience the magic that each of our luminaries creates, whether in a private or a public space. These pillars will always be present in this house, honoring the great treasure that we have been given.

We want to be a framework for our designers and clients to grow and co-create together.

Miguel Martínez

People are our greatest asset. Without them and without their great involvement in each step we take, each new design, each project we undertake, none of this would be possible. Seeing our motivated staff and collaborators every day with a smile on their faces is the fuel that moves all the machinery. What makes us excited.

We know the company well. We have seen it grow and evolve for years. Now, form the humility and respect that we have always had for the legacy received, we would like to bring it to its highest level. Not only in regard to the product, but also at a personal level. We want this to be the house that our designers and clients identify with, to be a framework where we can grow and co-create as a team, to provide them with access to the incredible potential that our traditional production system offers so their best designs and projects can be brought to life.