Emotional light philosophy

What is emotional light?

Emotional light is the set of values that defines us, a part of our work culture, our beliefs, our outlook on life, and our commitment to people and the planet.

It is working with our hands. It is the organic shapes of our designs inspired by nature and the atmosphere that its light reflects into the space. It all the people that make our lights move others and those who are moved.

Handmade: the essence

Mastery and artisan know-how

Our master craftsmen have been creating, one by one and by hand, all of our pieces for over 20 years at our workshop in Galicia (Spain).

Production at design’s service

Handcrafted work allows us to create unimaginable designs with industrial techniques. The shapes and finishes of each object have unique and incomparable details.

Craftsmanship and design: the perfect alchemy

We are the perfect alchemy between craftsmanship and design. The one needs the other to create such special and unique objects. Our team of craftsmen brings to life the creative proposals of the designers. The management and sales team brings them to over 80 countries worldwide.

Materials, processes and personalized tools.

We develop a combination of materials and our own one-of-a-kind techniques. Our curiosity to innovate leads us to develop our own tools, inventions, and small manual machines to create singular products.


Make people feel: our raison d’être

Sculptural and timeless designs

The shapes of our designs and the light they project have only one purpose: make the people who look at them “feel”, as if they were works of art. This magic is possible because our designers are free to express their creativity and sensitivity.

Unique lighting effects

The whimsical shapes and special materials that we use project unique and distinctive lighting effects in the spaces. They create positive and comfortable atmospheres and improve the space, the decorative elements, and the sensations perceived in them.

Inspired by nature

The main inspiration for the company has always been nature. Its shapes and irregular topography, its majesty… The view of nature is always comforting, astonishing, and stimulating. The landscapes of Galicia, their character and organic volumes are always present in our designs and provide them with that characteristic and special identity.

People at the core

Family environment

We believe people are our most valuable asset, what makes this project worth it. They are the driving force and that is why we try to take care of them and make them feel like they are a part of a big family. We try to take care of our relationship with all those who are part of the process: designers, clients, project managers, providers, sales agents, workers… And to provide them with the required conditions to motivate them, excite them, and make them smile, which is what gives a meaning to everything.

Co-creation meeting point for creatives

We want to offer an ideal workspace for multidisciplinary designers. Make them feel free to create, embed ourselves with the different sensitivities of each and one of them, and transmit them to the greater public. We invite creators to actively participate in our Project, to take advantage of the great product development potential that we have due to our handcrafted production and our own development materials.

Project partners

We also co-create with our clients. We have all the abilities to develop completely tailor-made projects and we love a good challenge: we work as a team, making our project technical department available. Creating the product by hand allows us to get to where others cannot and develop our client’s ideas to create unique, singular, and spectacular spaces.


Environmental commitment

A healthier planet, a better future.

We know that each little gesture counts. This is why we actively research how to improve our process, the durability of our products, the use of local raw materials, and we recycle specific waste to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint. We try to do our part to build a better world. It is a work in progress that we must all achieve together.