Our manifesto

At a·emotional light, emotion takes on a unique value. It’s the value of craftsmanship, of the singular and the exclusive. Light is a medium for evoking emotions, as music or art does. This perspective leads us to perceive our designs as bespoke creations, individually handcrafted pieces meticulously designed to illuminate spaces, touch people’s hearts, and capture special moments.



We make handmade lamps, crafting unique and innovative materials. This, together with their organic shapes inspired by nature, make them exclusive pieces. Discover our most iconic lights designed by Arturo Álvarez and the latest creations by Isaac Piñeiro, Teresa Sapey and Partners, Rafa Alonso, PF1 interiorismo, Cenlitros, Héctor Serrano, La Mamba Studio and our in-house team.


The versatility of our product, our own manual production system, and the quality in the full process allow us to work hand in hand with our clients and develop any type of project, from the most minimalist to the most spectacular.

Homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, or public spaces that thanks to our infrastructure and commercial network are in over 80 countries.

Custom & Bespoke

Customized or tailor-made lighting for your project.

Modify colors, finishes, and sizes.