Our manifesto

At a·emotional light, emotion takes on a unique value. It’s the value of craftsmanship, of the singular and the exclusive. Light is a medium for evoking emotions, as music or art does. This perspective leads us to perceive our designs as bespoke creations, individually handcrafted pieces meticulously designed to illuminate spaces, touch people’s hearts, and capture special moments.


The story of a·emotional light is woven with threads of light, experimentation, and artisanal craftsmanship. Nestled in the northern regions of Spain, for over 25 years, our workshop has functioned as an artistic laboratory. From this very origin, our lamps have sought to shine
with a distinctive identity capable of surprising and stirring emotions.


As a company born along the shores of the Atlantic, a·emotional light has matured under the influence of diverse cultures. We’ve nurtured a strong bond with our local roots while remaining open to influences beyond our borders. From our homeland to the global stage, this transoceanic philosophy, coupled with the artisanal expertise of those who have been shaping our lamps since 1994, has propelled us to become one of the foremost manufacturers of decorative lighting, now illuminating spaces in over 60 countries.


Our long-term vision revolves around creating luminaries that withstand the test of time. That’s why we collaborate with designers who share our passion for the challenge of stirring emotions through formal, material, and functional expressiveness. The present state of a·emotional light is a continuous evolution, an ongoing learning journey with fresh contributors who inspire us to keep exploring, innovating, and surprising as we advance towards a horizon of innovation and avant-garde design.