July 2022

New stage: a-emotional light

a-emotional light is the result of an evolution, a philosophy that has become the flagship of the brand. Evolution, experimentation, design and innovation. A dialogue between light and space. Lamps that create emotions.
We started a new stage under the name a-emotional light, a way of understanding light and a tribute to our origin.



a emotional light at Appartamento Spagnolo in Milan

a-emotional light gave a touch of decorative light to the Appartamento Spagnolo in Milan. Our brand was one of the firms selected to represent Spanish design at the Appartamento Spagnolo, an event organized by ICEX in collaboration with Ofecomes Milan and curated by Elle Decor Italia.


venuslamp, light, lamp

Venus, the light that is born at a-emotional light.

a-emotional light is our way of understanding light. We experiment, design and innovate, establishing a dialogue between light and space. It is our way of seeing the world, illuminating moments of life, creating lamps that generate emotions.