March 2024

In the Spotlight. Cenlitros.

What happens when contemporary design finds a foothold in folklore, tradition and nature? We plunge into the world of Cenlitros looking for answers; a design studio that builds its identity from the particularities of Galicia and that, since its birth in 2006, has explored the intersection between artisanal tradition and contemporary innovation, creating pieces that reflect the essence of the natural and cultural environment of the region. 


a·emotional light essentials: materials and light

It is well known that artistic disciplines feed off each other and, in our opinion, design is to a large extent like gastronomy. Haute cuisine is an art, a sensorial experience that helps us to overcome our animal condition and in which each part of the process plays a fundamental role in the final result. However, if we have learned anything from gastronomy here in Galicia, it is that what really makes the difference is the quality of the product. Technique is universal, but the choice of materials is the differentiating factor that determines excellence.READ MORE