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by a emotional light design team

Inn the new design developed by our design team

Beauty lies inside

Inn is the new a-emotional light proposal developed entirely by our design team. A conical shape in which past, present and future come together. Inn is a new design where the stainless steel mesh is still the protagonist and where geometric shapes are reinterpreted with an organic touch. This lamp comes to accompany our 2021 launches in evo-lution and form part of the designs of the new phase as a-emotional light. We delve into emotions and unite lines as paths that always lead to that common place: light.

Inn highlights the beauty within and illuminates it. It represents a whole evolution that starts from a circular base and ascends until it reaches the light, it is one of the icons of change and of our new stage as a-emotional light.

The painted stainless steel mesh, our star material, is folded and collected in a customized black capsule that houses the light. Inside, Inn holds a surprise: a black ring where all the folds connect. This design highlights the beauty of the interior, showing the folds and shapes that converge at one point.

Collection & Compositions

The metallic elements (upper capsule and inner ring) characteristic of Inn are customisable, you can choose the finish and combine it with the lampshade colour that best suits you and your space.

Its nature and conical shape represents growth and evolution supported by a stable base that converges in the light.

Our new design is designed to create atmospheres in spaces alone or as part of large compositions full of geometric patterns.

Inn – IN04


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