Quality policy

Quality policy – DOC. REV00 – 31/8/2023

a.emotional light (Calor Color, S.L.) designs, manufactures, and sells indoor and outdoor decorative luminaires.
As its main objective, it seeks to ensure that the quality of the products it offers are a true reflection of its commitment to meeting quality requirements and the expectations and demands of each client, thus ensuring the short and long-term success of the organization.
The Policy defines the principles of action in relation to quality management in accordance with the Reference Standard ISO 9001:2015, and which serves to demonstrate our public commitment in this regard.

For all this, it establishes, declares and assumes the following principles:

  • The final quality of the products is the result of planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction, and continuous improvement during all the planning, execution and monitoring processes of the products manufactured, always following the guidelines set by current regulations.
  • The application of this policy requires the active integration of the entire human team of the organization. For this reason, management considers the motivation and continuous training of staff to be a priority, training them and searching for new technologies to improve the organization’s processes.
  • The implementation of actions in order to reduce incidents associated with our products, establishing quality objectives to achieve continuous improvement of the organization’s processes.
  • Informing the client about new products, new installations in projects or any improvement in our current products through email, social networks or our website, always being openminded to new ways of effective communications with the client.
  • The proper maintenance of its equipment and infrastructure and the continuous training of its staff to offer products in constant evolution, always using the most effective techniques.

The management of a.emotional light (Calor Color, S.L.) is committed to periodically review the organization’s strategy, as well as compliance with the proposed quality objectives, the basis for continuous improvement.