a·emotional light, the light that thrills

a·emotional light, the light that thrills

A light that plays with the soul and seeks to awaken a sensorial language in those people and spaces with which it interacts. A light that seeks to transcend the physical plane to manifest, through emotions, a philosophy rooted in our core values.

At the heart of our brand lies a commitment to excellence, innovation and emotion. A way of thinking that is deeply reflected in each of our lighting designs, fostered by a set of values, our values, that reflect our identity and the way we understand light.

Our values are at the core of a·emotional light. We are committed to the innovation that drives our creative process, constantly seeking new forms of expression and functionality in lighting design. Touching the soul of the people and spaces we illuminate by creating an emotional connection, a sensorial experience that speaks to the heart. This philosophy rooted in our values is what drives us to constantly explore, to challenge the limits of what is possible and to deliver light that not only illuminates, but also inspires and thrills.


Heirs to a tradition of craftsmanship  

Our values are woven into every aspect of our creations, from the choice of materials to the form and function of each lamp. a·crafted light. We value quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is a work of art in its own right. We are proud to highlight the quality that defines each of our pieces, the result of a meticulous and passionate process, heir to a tradition of craftsmanship. A manual treatment that involves a tailor’s work. a·tailored light. Our luminaires are carefully designed to adapt to the needs and preferences of each client, making our lamps unique pieces that integrate perfectly into diverse and varied environments.

From Galicia to the world; from the world to Galicia

Ours is a natural, organic light. a·rooted light. A light that is born from our world and that builds a reflection of what we see, of everything that surrounds us. What lies behind our lamps is nothing more than opening our eyes to the world in which we live. Broadening our perspective to draw from our environment and capture the light that surrounds us in our designs and creations, inspired by the earth and nature. a·universal light. A bond with humankind through nature that leads us to design collections that are inspired by essential and global elements, from the softness of a sea breeze to the elegant bearing of a tree, to convey a sense of connection with the world.

Shaping tomorrow: innovation and avant-garde at a·emotional light

Our long-term vision is focused on creating luminaires that last. Therefore, we seek to be at the forefront of lighting design with the latest a·emotional light collections: Nebra, Cabana, Anel, Era, Agasallo, Tempo, Lea and Parga. a·contemporary light. Collections created by designers such as Isaac Piñeiro, Héctor Serrano, Arturo Álvarez, Rafa Alfonso, studio Cenlitros and a·emotional light‘s in-house team. Pieces that stand out for their innovation and originality, offering a unique and exciting experience. With dynamic shapes and innovative materials, these collections reflect a·emotional light‘s commitment to avant-garde design and creativity. a·cultural light. The current state of our brand is an evolution, a continuous learning process with new agents involved in keeping us exploring, creating and surprising as we move towards a horizon of innovation and progress.