NEW Agasallo collection by Héctor Serrano

NEW Agasallo collection by Héctor Serrano

Agasallo, a gift for the senses.

Agasallo, which means “gift” in Galician, is Héctor Serrano’s new collection for a-emotional light. Its shapes and its hand painted generate unique light effects that are projected into the space creating a unique atmosphere.

Available in four pendant sizes, they can be combined at different heights creating multiple compositions. In its simplicity lies its originality.

Inside and outside: the new Agasallo collection can be configured for indoor or outdoor spaces, choose the option adapted to your project.
1, 2, 3 or whatever you want. Create your own composition that fits in the space.

“There is something extraordinary when a material is given freedom to express itself and this is precisely what happens in Agasallo.” – Héctor Serrano.