Would you like to make your lamp design become real? Travel to Milan with Arturo Álvarez to present it? You have the chance to make your dream come true by participating in the 1st arturo alvarez Young Designers’ Award. This is a unique opportunity to show your creations to the world with our brand’s values and philosophy.


After nearly twenty-five years designing and manufacturing lighting, we want to highlight our commitment to supporting the new generation of creators with this award. Any person from any part of the world below the age of 30 can take part. The goal: designing a decorative interior lamp. Would you take the challenge?

The sole winner will receive a prize consisting of € 2500 and the possibility of seeing your creation produced and forming part of our new catalogue. Your name as the creator of the design will be included in all of the company’s publications (including its catalogue, website, and leaflets), respecting the intellectual authorship of the design at all times. Besides, if your lamp is the chosen, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to Milan with Arturo Álvarez to present the company’s new designs at the “Fiera del Mobile Euroluce” in the spring of 2019. An unforgettable experience!


Following the philosophy and values of our company, all of the manufacturing processes involved in the decorative part of the lamp must be designed to be created by hand. In addition, special consideration will be given to designs using environmentally-friendly materials.


You can check the whole requirements on our site, where you can also submit your entry.


The deadline for the presentation of entries is from 21 November 2017 to 23 March 2018. The finalists will be published on our website and social media on 17 April, and the winner will be announced in these channels on 24 April 2018.


Good luck!