2023, a year of emotions.

2023, a year of emotions.

2023 has been a year full of design, light and emotions. We started the year working on all the new lamps that, in April, we brought to light at the largest design event in Europe: Euroluce.

Light thinkers joined the team to give another vision and shape to the designs of our brand. Our hands also multiplied and we added to our team light makers who have put all their emotion in the lamps of the projects of this 2023.

We welcomed Era, Anel, Cabana, Parga, Nebra, Bold, Blossom, the new collections that filled the 2023 catalog. Some of our lamp families grew and we added new sizes to Cambo, Lea and Inn.

We were visited to know our process closely and one more year, the Contract Week came to our facilities.

We traveled and presented all the new lamps in locations around the world. We visited San Francisco, Denver, Canada, New York, Bordeaux, Dubai, Mallorca, London and many more cities to share with interior designers and design professionals a little about our latest projects, custom pieces and a lot of design.

Parga, one of the new collections that we presented in April, was recognized with the Honoree of the Best of Year awards.

We reached many places with our lamps, we illuminated hotel projects, restaurants, offices, homes… And Coral, Tempo, Onn, Agasallo, Ballet… They brought emotions to new corners. We had the pleasure of participating in the ENOR architecture awards gala with Nebra, Cabana and Blossom.

It has been a year where everything that has happened to us has been thanks to all the trust you have placed in us. Thank you for making us part of your projects and we hope to continue working with you in 2024.