After our successful participation at Salone del Mobile in Milan and ICFF in New York, many specialized publications all around the world featured the new Arturo Álvarez’s artwork and design collections. The exhibition ‘Soidades das falas’ was also highlighted in the media. This is a summary with some of the latest press coverage.

In May Arturo Álvarez was invited to exhibit his artwork at ICFF Gallery in New York, and his participation drew the attention of the public and the press. Internationally renowned magazines such as Designboom and Surface included ‘Conversas’ in their highlights. This art collection was also one of the favorites of Design Milk, the online magazine dedicated to modern design: ‘The Conversas collection by Arturo Álvarez had us lingering in the booth with its mesmerizing shadows.’ Link

Arturo Álvarez’s new art collections were presented during NYCxDESIGN 2017, New York city’s official celebration of design. Massimo Rosati, blogger from Design Street, talked about the artistic series ‘Conversas’ as one of the most prominent pieces shown there in this report made by the Italian design publishing house Design Diffusion. Link

More reviews of the Salone del Mobile appeared these past months in the main design publications. The German magazine Wohn! Design spotlighted Arturo Álvarez’s artwork in its article about the best of Euroluce 2017.

The Brazilian edition included ‘Conversas’ by Arturo Álvarez in this article about Milan 2017 lighting trends. Link

The renowned magazine published a selection with 10 of its favorite lighting from the fair, and our Pili collection is among them. Link

“I’d rather define myself as a creator, because this definition includes a wide range of possibilities. I’m not a designer, an artist or an artisan, and I am all of them…”  This is only a piece of the interesting interview that the Chilean mag dis-up! did to Arturo Álvarez, a conversation about his beginnings, influences, creative processes and materials. Link

This Spanish publication, specialized in interiors, architecture and design, also featured ‘Conversas’, “one the most photographed designs of Euroluce.”

The June issue of the Brazilian magazine featured our Ura collection, described as “magic lanterns.”

From Indonesia, this online publication about interiors, architecture, design, art and culture, published a story about Arturo Álvarez’s artwork and the new design collections presented at Euroluce: Ura, Onn, Pili and Ballet wall lamp. Link

In June, the art gallery Luis Pita, in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) opened ‘Soidades das falas’, an individual exhibition by Arturo Álvarez, showing his new art collections. Many media covered this event, among them Infurma: “Artwork is a brand new expression zone designed for creative artist Arturo Álvarez who, twenty years into his career, has entered a much deeper exploration phase of the human beings, their relationships with others and their surroundings, and where light acts as a backdrop.” Link


Experimenta magazine highlighted this joining of light and art, and the Galician newspaper El Correo Gallego published an article signed by the art critic Fátima Otero: “Arturo transforms the organic world and the living forces of nature into places of light. His designs and pieces of art are universal; they talk about the local objects, the spirit of the place they come from, the surroundings of Vedra. From his home-studio, he reaches the whole world with his lights, now made into physical bodies which shine their own light.” Link

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