Dynamism, liveliness, unusual shapes… our new designs are coming to the surface to shine in all their splendor. Our 2017 catalogue is being printed and we can’t wait to introduce you to the new members of the family. Arturo Álvarez has thrown himself into the new collections, which are the result of many months of work, experimenting with materials, seeking new languages; looking for new shapes in the nature that surrounds us; and reflecting about the relationships among human beings. All of this aimed at creating emotions through the use of light.


As a novelty, this year Ballet collection grows, with the addition of a new model. Designed by Héctor Serrano with our SIMETECH® material, this constant dance of light and shadows was recognized with a Best of Year Award 2016 by renowned Interior Design magazine in the category of Chandelier.

Besides, three new collections are included in the catalogue. All of them are the result of an innovative use of materials. Something apparently cold such as painted stainless steel mesh acquires gentleness, warmth and movement, creating organic forms inspired by nature. A single stainless steel thread can end up drawing stunning volumes filled with charm and mystery.

Individually, the new collections convey a subtle lightness, and combined freely they create harmonious and impressive compositions.