The emotion which arises from our lighting has much to do with the materials employed. Arturo Álvarez seeks on them a way to shape light and create new languages to express experiences and feelings. Through exploration and decontextualization of quotidian elements he achieves new and surprising uses, and his own materials, such as SIMETECH®. The different textures and characteristics allow light to express itself through brightness, chiaroscuro and different levels of intensity. Organic, geometric and even whimsical shapes emerge from this experimentation in the new 2017 collections.

Painted stainless steel thread

Pili proves that not everything is what it seems, and that through creativity and experimentation quotidian elements can be transformed into unique pieces. A single painted stainless steel thread is interwoven, creating random volumes and a harmonious wrapping irregularity, full of charm and mystery. What is felt as a cold material in a first approach becomes a warm shape, with a subtle and delicate elegance, through which extraordinary light escapes. Besides, stainless steel, with a white finish, is a resistant and compact material that endures the passing of time.

Painted stainless steel mesh

In Ura collection, delicate folds originate recognizable forms from nature. Handcrafted pleats and curves shape the painted stainless steel mesh, creating warm, lively and pleasant forms. This material is also at the Onn collection, which evokes the sea world. Painted stainless steel is a compact and resistant material, that won’t wear out as time goes by. It is available in white, green or ochre.


After two years of research, in 2014 arturo alvarez patented SIMETECH®, a handmade material, composed by a stainless steel mesh with a silicone covering application. It is a highly malleable and moldable material, suitable to create large volumes, with different textures and light intensities. In 2014 it was recognized in New York with a Best of Year award by Interior Design magazine in the category of “Innovative Translucent Shading/Lighting Solution”.

Last year we challenged Héctor Serrano to design a collection using SIMETECH®. The result was Ballet, which takes advantage of the material’s own flexibility to create fluid and natural volumes. The collection was also awarded with a Best of Year in 2016, in the category of “Compositions”. The new 2017 catalogue incorporates a new model to the family, a wall lamp which uses the material to create zones of chiaroscuro, providing a warm and hypnotic light that floods the room causing nice and welcoming atmospheres, full of personality. SIMETECH® is available in white, grey, beige, yellow or orange.

Innovative materials to create unique handcrafted lamps. Textures and finishes that allow for many different decorating styles. A play of lights aimed to arouse emotions.