News 2024. Latest additions to our collections.

News 2024. Latest additions to our collections.

At a·emotional light, emotion takes on a value of its own. The value of the handmade, the unique and the exclusive. For us, light is a means to evoke emotions, just like music or art. This vision is what leads us to understand our designs as tailor-made creations, individually handcrafted pieces, designed to illuminate spaces, people and moments.

Nebra Collection. Photography by Studio Aranda Santos.

The light of a·emotional light is not only a functional tool, but also transforms spaces into intimate and cosy corners, adapting to needs that vary and evolve over the years. That is why our collections grow and adapt, responding to these developments and offering new solutions in line with the changing times.

In our constant quest to meet the changing needs of our customers and adapt to the evolutions of design, we present the latest additions to our collections, mainly focused on expanding both the variety of sizes and the diversity of finishes, with the aim of providing more versatile and customizable options.

Tempo Collection. Photography by Studio Aranda Santos.

One of the main novelties are the new sizes available in some of our most iconic collections such as Nebra, Onn, Parga and Tempo. Suspension lamps that offer a wider range of dimensions to suit different spaces and lighting needs. In addition, we have introduced exclusive novelties that add a distinctive touch to each piece, such as the unpainted stainless steel mesh Inox finish of the Nebra collection, designed by Cenlitros for a more industrial look,or the brand new black finish for Onn and Tempo, both designed by Arturo Álvarez.


Onn Collection. Photography by Studio Aranda Santos.

These additions not only expand the design possibilities, but also reinforce our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and innovation. Each lamp continues to be meticulously handcrafted with attention to detail and care for quality, ensuring that each piece is unique and special.

At a·emotional light, we continue to focus on emotion as a creative engine, taking light beyond its basic function to turn it into a sensorial and aesthetic experience. A light that can transform and enrich any space. An authentic, essential and contemporary light. a·emotional light, the light that thrills.

Parga Collection. Photography by Studio Aranda Santos.

New 2024 Novelties Catalog

To find out about all the latest additions to our collections, download a·emotional light‘s Novelties Catalogue, which also includes our In the Spotlight section with studio Cenlitros, the designers of the Cambo, Nebra and Parga collections. 

Catalog of Novelties 2024. Design by Studio Aranda Santos.