Our Pili and Onn collections are growing and are now also available in mini format

Our Pili and Onn collections are growing and are now also available in mini format

a-emotional light evolves and our collections grow. The evo-lution movement brings two novelties in the Onn and Pili collections: mini-onn and mini-pili.

Our trajectory with our outstanding material and designing with our hands using custom-developed techniques, allow us to experiment in our workshop and create new sizes and shapes tailored to your project.

Light created for your space, Mini-onn and Mini-pili arrive to give light to your kitchens, rooms, bars … Contact our technical department for any questions about the lighting of your project and discover on our website all the possibilities of these mini lamps.

Onn, marine inspiration and chameleon versatility.

This reinvented universal shape takes character with the use of our most emblematic material, painted metal mesh, in this case hand-pleated.

Customize color, light source and combine it as you want.

With a stainless steel structure, it can be customized in any color and used both for tailor-made projects in grouped combinations of different sizes and heights as well as to illuminate specific work areas in kitchens or reading light on bedside tables.

Pili, the collection that projects the most.

Through the stainless steel wire, its hand-built sphere lets the light flow, generating a surprising play of shadows.

Random volume that envelops the light.

A central point of light wrapped in steel wire to cast surprising shadows in your spaces. With its diameter of 30cm, Pili is the perfect volume to show off on reading corners, bedside tables, bar counters or combine them with other sizes to create large compositions.