Cabana Large CB04G

Cabana Large

Ref. CB04G

The Cabana lamp aims to offer a sense of seclusion and shelter similar to the Galician cabins, or cabanas, that were used to protect raw materials or as a shelter against inclement weather. The lampshade is made using the 3D knitting method, a technique commonly used in the textile industry but seldom applied to lighting. This makes it possible to create seamless lampshades in three dimensions without producing excess fabric. The aluminum canopy, the fabric and gravity do the rest. The parchment diffuser provides the weight needed for the lamp to take its shape. It also filters the light to produce very comfortable, homogenous illumination, much like the shelter of the cabanas. This is very easy to mount and simple to disassemble when replacing the lightbulb. In addition to being made from recycled and recyclable materials, the lamp can be sent in a small package and stretched out to its final shape and volume, reducing its carbon footprint. It comes in a range of three colors: electric blue, orange and off-white. It can also be produced in different colors and be adapted to the needs of any project to generate the perfect ambience needed for the given space and audience.


cabana collection, New, Pendant lamps


Pendant lamp



3D Knit


Ø90 X 80 cm

Ø35.4 X 31.5 in

Lighting source

230V-50Hz: E27 LED Opal – Max. 3x12W
120V-60Hz: E26 LED Opal – Max. 3x12W


Blue electric (AE), beige (BG), orange (NA).

Accordion Title

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