23 years ago, a curious and creative young man started a new path having no idea where it was leading. He did it without fear, with courage and a great work capacity. Today Arturo Álvarez is an internationally renowned designer, who has received important awards which distinguish him as one of the best Spanish designers of his time. Like in any other journey, he faced many difficulties and challenges. As he was overcoming them, with inventiveness and positivity, he was growing professionally and evolving as a creator. Even in his beginnings he showed promise to become a prominent figure. When he started to design his first lighting, he created a new style within the Tiffany lamps which revolutionized the market and fostered his quick rise, making a name for himself in the world of design. He was the first to use a single color and simplify the conceptual design of lamps made with the Tiffany technique. At that time, an elderly man who had the chance to see his first lighting, predicted: “these are the kind of pieces that will be sought by collectors in 100 years.”

From the beginning he developed a personal style, with a strong and recognizable character. He brings a new concept for creative lighting, by developing even his own materials, which allows him to create, with their original forms and volumes, an emotional light.

For the last four years, Arturo Álvarez has gone a step forward in his career, as a result of his maturity as a creator. He has started to develop artistic pieces, with light as the guiding thread, and the human beings and their relationships as the protagonists, with all their lights and shadows.

With the pieces Conversas, Agora and Encontros, which he has just presented at the Salone del Mobile-Euroluce, he intends to reflect about the subjects that worry him.

With them he has captivated the public. During the event, the artworks were photographed a thousand times, and commented in specialized media and social media. He has amazed and surprised the public and the critics. For the second time along his professional career, he marks a turning point in his work and in the world of design. He has linked lighting and art, opening a new space where the boundary between design and art does not exist, proving that they can live in harmony.