Important professionals of international reference in the US have visited us to live an emotional experience. For several days they have enjoyed a visit to our work spaces where they have been able to see closely the processes of elaboration of our lamps, our philosophy and the environment that surrounds and inspires us.

Guided by our sales team and the manager, Marcos Rioseco, we begin a visit to our production center where these renowned American professionals closely met the entire team that makes up the arturo alvarez family. After different presentations about the origin of the company, our philosophy, way of thinking and doing … Our team guided this group through our processes. The professionals witnessed the development of different outstanding designs and participated in the experimentation with the different materials that are worked to make our lamps. Inspiration and design were the topics that covered the conversation of the visitors.

A second journey began, this time, in the design space of arturo alvarez. Surrounded by nature and art, visitors witnessed a day focused on the figure of our founder Arturo Álvarez. Guided by Arturo Álvarez himself, they visited the entire space and the Pazo de Rivadulla.

The intervention of our technical department inaugurated the third day of visit in our facilities. Anchorage solutions, LED technology, projects and light were the main themes of the last day.

Once again, the manual loading of our processes, innovation and design met in perfect harmony to offer an emotional light experience.