a·emotional light releases new brand image

a·emotional light releases new brand image

Not all metamorphoses have to be like Gregor Samsa’s. Life is a constant mutation, and just as everything changes, it’s not strange that I change too. Change is an inherent process in nature and, therefore, in our society. It’s a basic instinct for survival and adaptation to the environment, rooted in our DNA after centuries of evolution.

Change: to alter appearance, shift condition, behavior, or physical aspect. From the Latin verb “cambiare,” which has origins in Gallic or Celtic languages. Of Celtic origin, like us. To change is to accept the challenge. It’s stepping into the arena, aware of the game’s rules, and betting it all on an idea. Audentes fortuna iuvat. To change is to take action. To exchange, evolve, grow. Improve. To change everything so that nothing changes.

We have decided to change. We have decided to redefine emotion and content. To solidify our position, support our creations and pieces through a new approach that places light at the center of everything. An international vision focused on space and people’s physical and emotional well-being.

a·emotional light. The light that thrills. A light deeply rooted in the earth through universal, unique, and eclectic principles. A contemporary and avant-garde light. A new perspective that is a true holistic reflection of human well-being.

We are redefining our identity and values. We are artisans of light, and our medium-to-long-term vision is to create luminaries that endure over time, evoking emotion through formal, material, and functional expressiveness.

For this, we need projects born from the heart and the mind, intuitions arising from a particular way of being and thinking, where elegance, emotion, and innovation are the fundamental elements. If we want to be the Pharos of Alexandria, the Tower of Hercules, the torch of the Enlightenment in a Delacroix painting, our lamps must be born to shape a need, a sense of well-being, and human life.

Therefore, the transition and evolution of a·emotional light involve launching products and creating the content that structures change. Without content, there’s only a facade; we need substance and quality ingredients.

A product born in a workshop of craftsmanship and design. A workshop that transforms and where not only a process or material is worked on but also ideas. Creating a meeting place for debate in the commercial, economic, and cultural realms that stem from light and craftsmanship. That’s where real change begins.

This is a·emotional light. This is our new, more refined, and essential identity. A small step toward a horizon of innovation and avant-garde that allows us to keep growing and evolving.

Proyecto de Rebranding ejecutado por Studio Aranda Santos